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      Yiwu by macro packaging machinery equipment co., LTD., founded in 2003, is located in the world's largest small commodity city - yiwu, zhejiang base. Our company is specialized in all kinds of product order after the design of packaging machinery and equipment research and development and production and sales. The company has a group of senior engineering and technical personnel and testing equipment, has a perfect production and process and quality assurance system, our company are all kinds of packaging machinery widely used. The company has three - dimensional transparent film packaging machine; 3d transparent film, packaging machinery transparent film packaging machine, automatic packaging machine and 3d packaging machine brand, automatic packaging machine; Eraser wrapping machine; Poker sorting machine; Labeling machine; Filling machine; Spurt the code machine, etc. Series and other packaging machinery related series. Our company can according to customer's different product specifications and production technology requirements to research and development production and online matching scheme. The above series of products are widely used in medicine, food, beauty supplies, agricultural and sideline native products, health products, toys, stationery, high-end gift box products and other industries. Has been well received by customers due and!
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With the development of science and technology, the production concept and product structure of all walks of life are changing constantly. One of the most as an industry has been the fundamental innov

Nowadays, we see that many packaging machinery equipment companies are targeting the foreign market, the main customer sources are concentrated in the Middle East, South Africa, India, southeast Asia

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